Business Name: Oils by Jo

Business Type: Aromatherapy

M: 07770 302504



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Jo Hunt from Oils by Jo helps people with their health and wellness in a more natural way by using dōTERRA Essential Oils.

dōTERRA Essential oils are 100% organic and natural, they can be used 3 different ways from putting them into water to drink, into your food to eat and also rubbing onto your skin and also into a diffuser.

The oils are sourced from the best regions all over the world including 3rd world countries which means every drop of oil sold is helping many thousands of families survive.

Who do you know that goes to the gym, runs, cycles, plays football, golf, cricket or rugby they are all Jo’s ideal client. Jo can help with aches, pains, muscle issues, soreness, strains, anxiety, asthma, breathing, sleep and also relaxing before the event.

Please connect and like her facebook page Oils By Jo as this is where she shares so much interesting information, thank you

Jo Hunt – Oils by Jo – wellness 1 drop at a time x

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