Business Name: QUADROcreative Limited

Business Type: Website Development

T:  01992 666910

M: 07798 666710



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In its simplest form provides low cost, high impact websites specialising in the WordPress platform.

Richard is usually invited in by ambitious, cost sensitive business owners looking to increase sales and enquiries through their on-line presence.

Typically 40% of Richard’s clients are small businesses, who have either; not felt it necessary to have a website until now, or have avoided it because they are not confident in all things Internet.

40% of Richard’s clients are larger businesses who need a new website to reflect the type of business they have become (out growing their old site).

The other 20% are clients looking to effectively attract visitors by using either Google Adwords Pay Per Click or Search Engine Optimisation.

… Richard is looking to speak to business owners looking to upgrade their current website.