BRX has been one of the leading names in the UK for networking and business development for longer than almost any other organisation.

BRX started with just one group in 1999, but the format soon proved very popular – and effective.

BRX is run by a small but dedicated team from our offices in Hertfordshire, from where the activities of the various regional Partners, who look after anything from one to twelve groups, is co-ordinated.

The format of the meetings is still clearly recognisable from the early days:

A group of like-minded business people, professionals, tradespeople, therapists, fundraisers and entrepreneurs come together to promote their organisations, enjoy a breakfast in convivial surroundings, and, week by week, get to understand how they can help each other to grow and succeed.

Although the original focus of activities within BRX meetings was to generate business referrals, it is increasingly supplemented with speakers, training, workshops and inter-group meetings which help BRX members to learn, and their organisations to flourish.

This emphasis on knowledge and business development recognises the needs of today’s organisations, as they strive to deal with the economic and competitive pressures.

New visitors are always welcome, so please come along and see for yourself how being a part of BRX can be the best business decision you’ve ever taken.


The benefits are numerous…

G et to know other local business people
R each new audiences
O btain training and build synergies
W in new contracts

Y ield a better return
O vercome your fears
U se your time more profitably
R efine your presentation skills

B enefit from referrals
U pstage your competitors
S how off your wares
I ncrease your confidence
N ew strategic alliances
E xpand your opportunities
S top procrastinating …
S ign up today to secure your industry sector!